You are now wearing your new varifocal spectacles, let’s try them out. You should be looking down and using the bottom part of the lens to read these instructions, when you look up into the distance you should see clearly.

Extend the screen out from you and move your chin up and down, notice the smooth transition and the ability to read at all distances. Move the screen to the side without turning your head, you may see the print becomes less sharp, now point your nose at it and adjust your chin, see how the focus returns.



Walker & Reid Opticians and Hearing

These guidelines will help you adjust quickly and comfortably


  • Stop wearing your old glasses immediately.

  • It is important to wear your new varifocals in the position in which they were fitted.

  • To look at an object turn your head and not just your eyes toward it.

  • Move your head vertically until the object glides into focus.


The length of time it takes to adapt to new varifocals will differ from person to person. Some individuals may require just a few hours, while others may require up to two weeks to become completely comfortable. If you have been wearing your lenses for this period of time or longer and feel uncomfortable in any way with your vision, please contact us for a professional evaluation.


All Varifocal lenses are guaranteed for 60 days against non tolerance.